A Short Break in Luxembourg


Reward yourself with a real short break by visiting the tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Of course you can be adventurous and have breakfast in Germany, lunch in France, dinner in Belgium, and still be home in time for the nightcap, but most visitors to Luxembourg end up discovering the real meaning behind the “weekend break” formula: to have a short rest.

Unlike many a larger capital, our 1000-year-old fortress city divulges many of its premier sights in the space of an afternoon’s leisurely stroll, e.g. on the “Corniche” along the top of the old ramparts, known as “Europe’s most beautiful balcony”. The main centre of our capital city measures merely about a mile by a mile and a half, so you won’t get lost, nor will you waste much time in getting to the right parts of town. (check out the city map). And for those who are easily lost without internet access, HotCity offers a citywide wireless network.

Luxembourg City Old Town

You could visit a museum, perhaps take in a concert followed by dinner in one of the city’s many fine restaurants (Luxembourg has more Michelin stars per square mile than any other country in the world!) and generally have a proper break!

You might like to check out the excellent new Luxembourg City Urban Information System

The next day, have a leisurely “lie-in” in the morning, safe in the knowledge that you have seen the capital’s major sights and have truly “been there”. Unspoilt nature is a mere five-minute train or bus ride out of town, where the world’s densest network of hiking paths entices you to a refreshing walk.

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