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Buying condos in Chiang Mai

The biggest market among foreigners is condos in Chiang Mai. Like the rest of Thailand this is because of foreign ownership restrictions on land. There are few foreign managed developments that exclusively target foreigners, like in Samui for example, where complex ownership arrangements have been designed to accommodate villa sales. Continue reading “Buying condos in Chiang Mai” »

Advantages of vacation rentals for families when travel abroad

As more people now travel abroad independently there is more demand for quality vacation home rentals which provide a home away from home for families. Arriving after a long journey, families can relax and look around the home which is going to be theirs for the next week or two, and revel in the extra space which a hotel room would never have given them. Continue reading “Advantages of vacation rentals for families when travel abroad” »

Renting apartments in Hanoi

Renting an apartment is as costly as paying a home mortgage sometimes when you have all the excess to worry about too. There are people that pay $2000 home mortgage when there are people who pay around this price for a large apartment or just renting. It’s costly and it’s even costlier if it’s located at one of those prestigious apartment complexes like the ones that are near the beach or a busy entertainment center. Continue reading “Renting apartments in Hanoi” »

Top Destinations for Kids in Brussels

With its distinct Art Nouveau architecture, a rich history that is remarkably well presented by a myriad of museums and fantastic cuisine with beers and chocolates that are world-renown, Brussels should always be a big point of interest in your travels. It is a unique city that manages to combine several contrasting elements effortlessly and still keep them in harmony. Continue reading “Top Destinations for Kids in Brussels” »

Pine Cay Turks and Caicos

The Club Meridian is the only resort on Pine Cay, which is a cloistered island retreat on an 800-acre cay in the Pine Cay Turks and Caicos.

Magnificently located on a two-mile ribbon of a sugar-white beachfront – considered by many people to be the prime area in the Caribbean – The Meridian Club is an environmentally-favored private island resort specially fitted for those looking for a pristine, upscale but unpretentious hideaway. With no cars, TVs, radios or phones ringing in your ears, you will relax and enjoy the island’s universal splendor and peacefulness.
Continue reading “Pine Cay Turks and Caicos” »

Family vacations: Top five spots to take your kids on vacation

Some of America’s best choices for a family vacation reside in the sunny south. With a little looking, a variety of wonderful experiences are in places that don’t require the family to do a pilgrimage to corporate tourism. Think about these five great places: Continue reading “Family vacations: Top five spots to take your kids on vacation” »

Fall adventure in Starlight, Indiana

Instead of sitting at home this fall, why not take advantage of the multitude of things to do in Starlight, Indiana. Just a short drive from Louisville, Kentucky, Starlight offers an amazing country atmosphere as well as a perfect excuse to get out of the house for your very own fall adventure. The Starlight Visitors Association is offering a special offer for those that are ready to escape the summer heat. The “Passport to Starlight” gives people the opportunity to experience all the things that the countryside has to offer, with or without the kids. Continue reading “Fall adventure in Starlight, Indiana” »

Top Three Weird Traditions in Venice

Every city in this world, including Venice, has its own traditions. The simple ones are known by people around the globe while the weird traditions have a small audience, respectively the locals of the city. In the following lines, you’ll read about some of the weirdest traditions in Venice. Continue reading “Top Three Weird Traditions in Venice” »

Explore The City of Joy while Staying at High-end Kolkata Hotels

Commonly known as the City of Joy, Kolkata is a place with a prominent art and literature scenario. The former capital of British India, with the name, Calcutta, it is among the largest cities of the country with colonial-era architecture. It is also a major economic hub, consisting of big industrial plants and corporate houses. To taste the mild, fruity tang of Bengali food, people can visit the street-side restaurants. People here, are full of enthusiasm and passionate about art and literature. A tropical wet-dry climate is experienced in this cosmopolitan city. The best time to visit this wonderful place is between October and March. Continue reading “Explore The City of Joy while Staying at High-end Kolkata Hotels” »

Tourist Attractions in Kuwait

Kuwait is like an oasis in the deserted sandy terrain attracting many tourists throughout the year. Believe me; this is true and the main credit goes to the varied tourist attractions in Kuwait that adorns the capital called the Kuwait city. Since times immemorial, this city has been the most appealing refuge for the Bedouin people who come from the Arab inlands to chill in the breezy atmosphere as well as in its cool sea. Talking about the tourists, they enjoy the interesting museums, shopping complexes, corniche walkways with restaurants and beaches, and cozy retreats. Continue reading “Tourist Attractions in Kuwait” »