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African safari vacation packages – 5 Amazing Safari Adventures in Africa

When it is the matter of safari in Africa, it is actually a journey of unveiling the secrets of this wild nation: the music and emigrational plays of unique wildlife that haunts the arid landscape, the lifestyle of the local tribes, the shimmering elements of Mother Nature such as waterfalls, the thrills of fascinating sports like trekking and rafting, and the beautiful wild lodges and camps in the national parks. These are some of the most exciting features of the exotic wildlife safari in Africa. Continue reading “African safari vacation packages – 5 Amazing Safari Adventures in Africa” »

African Extravaganza a la Namibia

Africa the land of the safari and the wilderness beckoning you for more. A trip to Africa surely would be the best and the most wonderful. While here you surely can ensure that you get the maximum satisfaction of adventure, thrill and excitement. Namibia in Africa is surely a must place to see because of its scenic splendor and comfortable tours. Continue reading “African Extravaganza a la Namibia” »