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Different Means of Transportation Going to Budapest Airport to the City

There are four ways to reach the city center from Budapest Airport: the express bus, taxi, bus, or train. You also have the option to rent a car without a driver. If you choose to ride an express bus, the travel time is within 60 minutes, which will cost you only 2.7 Euro. Going with the shuttle will take you about 30 minutes, and it will only cost you around 2 Euro.

If you take the train, you will reach your destination within 40 minutes, and you will have to pay 2.7 Euros. If you want to take a taxi to Budapest airport to the city, it will cost you about 30 euros and will take around 35 minutes. The distance from the Ferenc Liszt Airport to the center is 16 km. Continue reading “Different Means of Transportation Going to Budapest Airport to the City” »

Eight Things To Consider When on A Bar Tour in Budapest

Touring is one of the greatest hobbies that many people like. It becomes even more exciting when you are exploring new cultures and places like Budapest, which has beautiful places to have escapades. Having an understanding of precisely what you can do in your bar tour in Budapest can eliminate most hassles when you get there. Although previously, around a century ago, Budapest was considered a no-go zone, now it has become one of the most attractive places and safest in Europe. There are some things that you should keep in mind if you have decided to have a Budapest bar crawl during your tour. Continue reading “Eight Things To Consider When on A Bar Tour in Budapest” »

A Short Break in Luxembourg

Reward yourself with a real short break by visiting the tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Continue reading “A Short Break in Luxembourg” »

Amsterdam from A to Z (complete guide)

Despite its relatively compact size, Amsterdam packs so many opportunities that it has become world-famous for it. This city of contrasts manages to keep everything in perfect harmony – it is a place where you can explore a fascinating history, one of the most important art scenes in the world and gorgeous architecture and then engage in some of the wildest parties and experience an incredible tolerance to recreational activities that many other countries ban. Continue reading “Amsterdam from A to Z (complete guide)” »

Top Destinations for Kids in Brussels

With its distinct Art Nouveau architecture, a rich history that is remarkably well presented by a myriad of museums and fantastic cuisine with beers and chocolates that are world-renown, Brussels should always be a big point of interest in your travels. It is a unique city that manages to combine several contrasting elements effortlessly and still keep them in harmony. Continue reading “Top Destinations for Kids in Brussels” »

Top 5 Tourist Mistakes in Rome

If you are passionate about travel, Rome should definitely be on your bucket-list around the world. With its remarkable attractions, this city deserves all the attention that millions of tourists are offering every year. As a visitor of the region, though, you shouldn’t make the following common mistakes: Continue reading “Top 5 Tourist Mistakes in Rome” »

Top Three Weird Traditions in Venice

Every city in this world, including Venice, has its own traditions. The simple ones are known by people around the globe while the weird traditions have a small audience, respectively the locals of the city. In the following lines, you’ll read about some of the weirdest traditions in Venice. Continue reading “Top Three Weird Traditions in Venice” »

Tuscany, the Italian Riviera and Other Italian Travel Highlights

Perhaps it’s because I’m of Italian ancestry but this is one of my favorite countries to visit.

In Italy you’ll find timeless hill towns, classic farmhouses surrounded by vineyards or olive trees, ancient walled towns set atop hilltops, cypress trees, a Riviera every bit as beautiful as the French Riviera (I still remember my first trip to Portofino.) Alpine lakes and much more. Then, of course, there is the food and wine which is simply delicious and impossible to resist. Continue reading “Tuscany, the Italian Riviera and Other Italian Travel Highlights” »

A visitor’s guide to Florence, Italy

Are you really crazy about the art from the 13th to the 17th century? Must you see Gothic altar pieces, world famous Renaissance pictures, Flemish, French and German masters of the Baroque? If so, you *must* go to the Uffizi, of course. But certainly you don’t want to wait half a day to get in, you’ve got better things to do! Continue reading “A visitor’s guide to Florence, Italy” »

There’s a lot more to Greece, than Ouzo and Feta!

Whether you’re planning that special family vacation or a romantic break for two, luxury holidays in Greece have been a popular choice with families and couples alike, over many years.

Greece also has a charming collection of Islands, the biggest and most popular of these being the beautiful Island of Crete. Continue reading “There’s a lot more to Greece, than Ouzo and Feta!” »