Pattaya Hotels for the budget traveler


Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most popular beach resorts, and the closest to the city of Bangkok. There are quite a few budget options available here. The hotels in Pattaya offer lower prices as compared to other resorts in the country. There are a plethora of cheap options in the vicinity of the red light districts. Pattaya is not a very large city. The areas in the vicinity of  the city center has a number of reasonably priced hotels.

One tip I can give you while you are travelling in not only Thailand, but the entire tropical region, is not to opt for rooms without air conditioning if you are not accustomed to going without when in warm temperatures. You may find some cheaply priced hotels that do not have air conditioning, but you may want to avoid these.


• Sunshine Hotel and Residence . . .

Sunshine Hotel and Residence is a superb budget option. The hotel is placed on the Soi 8 on the Beach Rd, a well visited region that is near the red light districts. The hotel offers an excellent value for visitors. The minimum pricing is about 900 T H B, with a comfortable and clean room, access to two swimming pools. Breakfast is generally a part of the package.

• Eastiny Hotel . . .

Eastiny Hotel is located not far from Sunshine Hotel. The pricing is a bit higher than the latter, and the rooms smaller. The hotel is good enough as a backup option in case Sunshine does not have rooms available. The amenities are decent.

• Sawasdee Sea View Hotel . . .

Sawasdee Sea View Hotel has more or less spartan rooms, but its location near the beach more than makes up for it. The rooms do not have a/c, but there is a fan. The pricing is about 500 T H B.

• Sabai Lodge . . .

Sabai Lodge is among the most convenient locations in the resort. The hotel has the advantage of a Baht bus stop right at the doorstep, which makes it a well connected option for travelers. The popular tourist options in the area are quite popular with travelers. The well appointed hotel has a reasonable list of facilities. This is including 4 indoor pools.

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