Renting apartments in Hanoi

apartments in Hanoi

Renting an apartment is as costly as paying a home mortgage sometimes when you have all the excess to worry about too. There are people that pay $2000 home mortgage when there are people who pay around this price for a large apartment or just renting. It’s costly and it’s even costlier if it’s located at one of those prestigious apartment complexes like the ones that are near the beach or a busy entertainment center. There are apartments in Hanoi that cost less than others and you have to aim for those unless you’re one of those executives that can afford to pay $3000 apartment at the beach. Renting is something that we have to do if we don’t own a home and there’s a lot of people who don’t own a home.

It’s difficult when it comes to renting so you have to find ways to rent a lower price apartment. How do you do this? You will notice that some city has a lower real estate value than other and those are the cities that you want to live in. There are some cities that will charge $2000 for a one bedroom apartment and you have to stay away from those if you want to save money. If you get an apartment next to a beach, it won’t be any less than $1500 a month and the beach is not the place to rent if you want to save money even if you love the view.

apartments in Hanoi

Apartment complexes in Hanoi that are near an expensive entertainment center or the downtown area will be costly because of the retail value of the who center and those are the places that you want to stay away from. For example, you will want to stay away from downtown because the retail and nature will make the price of the apartments higher. If you live near those places, you’re able to walk to work and all the convenience will be included in the price.

If you live off of the downtown area then the price is lower. When it comes to real estate, location is everything. Location will determine the price. If you rent an apartment in Hanoi that has first class amenities, this will cost higher than those that don’t offer so much services and amenities. You pay for what you get. You would want to avoid areas that are closest to an upscale neighborhood because those will be very costly. You also want to avoid areas that are gated or brand new as those are very high in cost as well. You should consider renting from a private owner instead of a nationwide real estate company since the private owner has less overhead and can charge you for less than a nationwide company who has to pay many overheads like paying managers and maintenance and so forth. You will then consider upscale community as costly too. You will expect to pay very high at a community near the beach or near a very upscale city. You want to live in community that are less prestigious and the price will be lower. You can save if you live together with many people so that the cost can be split.

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