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For all the food lovers out there, Dubai certainly has more than enough eating options to keep even the most discerning of customers happy. With some many differing nationalities living in Dubai, the cosmopolitan mix of people has also resulted in a huge array of restaurants and coffee shops all across Dubai from which you can take your pick. Many of Dubai’s best renowned restaurants are to be found in the many 5 star hotels or luxury apartment buildings, all listed at And with Dubai not being short on 5 star hotels, and many hotels featuring between 3 and 10 restaurants each, you have a huge range of top quality dining venues to choose from. Hotel restaurants also have the added bonus of being able serving alcohol in line with the Dubai government’s requirements. Add in the hundreds of other restaurants located outside of hotels, and you have no shortage of options on cuisines from all corners of the globe. You can find almost all types of food here; insuring things never have to get boring.

The result of so many restaurants in what is essentially a small place is that there is a huge amount of competition among restaurants to attract you to their establishment. This in turn has created a strong need to be creative to stand out from the crowd. Many restaurants attract custom through all you can eat and drink nights, with champagne buffets becoming increasing popular throughout the higher end restaurants. With top chefs, and the finest imported ingredients, standards are exceptionally high. However the best thing about dinning out in Dubai is the price. Restaurants here, even the higher end ones, are very affordable compared with what would normally be expected. The result of which is that people in Dubai dine out on a very frequent basis.

Whilst the restaurants in the top hotels may steal most of the spot light, it would be a mistake to overlook all of the eateries in the city. Despite having the disadvantage of not being allowed to serve alcohol, the independent restaurants continue to thrive in Dubai. Bur Dubai and Deira offer numerous culinary delights, with more options that you possibly need. So if its Lebanese, Russian, Mexican or Moroccan food, you will certainly be able to locate somewhere to satisfy your cravings. And all across Jumeirah new trendy cafes and restaurants are springing up that offer good food that doesn’t break the bank. And if you really want food on the cheap, then there are a wide range of Indian and Pakistani restaurants where you can eat well for next to nothing. With some much to pick from, Dubai’s food scene will leave you feeling more than satisfied.

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