This is the fourth largest city in Norway with a population of 117,000 and situated on the south west coast.

Norway is famous for its oil exploration and you can see an Oil Museum in Stavanger which show a comprehensive history of this industry.  You can see the submersibles which they use(d) and the equipment. There is an artificial platform  and audio-visual presentations also.  People of all ages will find this experience interesting and can spend a whole day there. Gamle Stavanger is the old city with its preserved winding cobbled streets and its wooden houses dating back from the Canning period, all of which, like most houses here, are privately owned and cherished and preserved. Towards the end of the ninth century Harold became the first Norwegian King and there is the monument of The Three Swords on the shore to commemorate this event. On the lake you can, by boat, visit the Art Museum and see some of the ancient and modern art and also paintings by the famous Norwegian artist, Lars Hertegvig.  Very spectacular here is the rotating art exhibition.

Stavanger City Bridge over the Lysefjord

Stavanger City Bridge over the Lysefjord

If you are of the more energetic type, in the winter you can go hiking and climbing and observe the fantastic landscape from the higher ground. Trails are well marked out to guide you and you can find cabins or huts where to stay in the mountains. You can walk or hire a mountain bike for these sorties.  You can take part in the ice skating or skiing. In Solastraden you will find a long sandy beach close to the airport where you can go surfing or sit in the sun during the warmer summer months.

The food is good even if not very expensive. There are good restaurants which are vegetarian and where you cannot get meat or fish.  There are others where you get only fish, in fact where you get the best seafood in all of Europe.

Stavanger old town

Stavanger old town

If you like indulging in your favourite drink you will not have any problem. This is the best nightlife place in all of Norway. There are cheap watering  holes if you have a student card and even the music will cater for your taste from very loud to moderate and low.  If you are young or at least young of heart and want rock music combined with large crowds you had better go to Checkpoint Charlie which is really for younger tastes. But if onthe other hand you are between 20 and 70 you can find Munken to suit all ages. In Sting you will find the bet DJs.

To get to Stavanger you can go by plane, train, bus or car. Sola airport is only a 20 minute drive from the centre. There are expensive shuttle buses every twenty minutes  and it might even be better to take a taxi. There is a slower and cheaper bus service also. You can make a nine hour train journey from Oslo in a modern sleeper train. You can take a long bus ride along  the interesting costal road from Oslo or you can come from Kristiansand or Bergen by car.

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