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Why a cruise is your fun best-value vacation!

Cruising is wonderfully different
Life on board a ship gives a passenger excitement from the dull routine of daily life. Luxury plus first-class treatment combined with the sea air, pleasant motion of the ship and the warm sun on your face will do wonders for your frame of mind and outlook.

Cruising is the best value vacation
Compare the cost of a resort and all the add-ons to the cost of the inclusive cruise. Cruising includes your accommodations, food and entertainment. In addition to these basics there’s an attendant who attends to you day and night. Meals and snacks, midnight buffets, chocolate buffets are all included. You’ll not starve!! Live musicals, plays and entertainment, daily activities are also included. Cruising is a bargain! Continue reading “Why a cruise is your fun best-value vacation!” »

What is the best value for your vacation?

What is the best value for your vacation? Is it always the cheapest? Not really! Here’s why:

If you are a person who values the amenities of a Sheraton hotel, you will not be happy in a Days Inn hotel even though it is 1ess expensive. If we send you to that budget hotel you will come back and tell us how unhappy you were simply because it’s not what you’re use to. Yes, you’ll pay more but it’s worth it. Amenities can make or break a trip, if you are used to a certain level of comfort, you need to maintain that on your trip. It USUALLY IS the little things that ruin the trip. Continue reading “What is the best value for your vacation?” »