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Budget Hotels in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong in China. It is a major center for trade and commerce. The city is a major port, and home to a huge number of business hubs. In addition to being a main center for trade and commerce, Guangzhou is also a fabulously beautiful city, with a great number of open spaces, green lawns, parklands as well as gardens. The city is visited by millions of travelers, and there is no dearth to quality. The city is also known as a great destination for foodies. The city is a main center for Cantonese specialties that are known for their varieties, delicious flavors, colors, presentation and taste. Continue reading “Budget Hotels in Guangzhou” »

Best Budget Accommodation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a reputation as an expensive city. The accommodation here is not exactly dirt cheap, and there are hotel rates starting from $ 100 to even $ 500 per night. There are a number of cheap hotels as well that offer decent accommodation without compromising on quality or services. These offer accommodation for less than $ 100. Continue reading “Best Budget Accommodation in Hong Kong” »

Macau hotels for the Budget traveler

Macau has had a recent renaissance in the economic sector, and this has made it possible for a huge number of upscale hotels, casinos and resorts coming up in the city. The city is seen nowadays as a pretty expensive location that is not suitable for budget travelers, but this is simply not true. Macau is now aiming more at affluent visitors that can spend money in the casinos, but still, the city has a great number of options for budget travelers. There are quite a number of cheap hotels that have a good provision for luxury as well as a good number of facilities and amenities. Continue reading “Macau hotels for the Budget traveler” »

Longmen Caves

Longmen Caves are one of China’s most rewarding and notable attractions. The caves are regarded as one of the three main centers that house stone inscriptions and pagodas in the county. The caves are now the main focus of travellers who are interested in Buddhist statues, as the caves are home to thousands of Buddhist statues that have been carved from the hard lime stone cliffs. Continue reading “Longmen Caves” »