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Family vacations: Top five spots to take your kids on vacation

Some of America’s best choices for a family vacation reside in the sunny south. With a little looking, a variety of wonderful experiences are in places that don’t require the family to do a pilgrimage to corporate tourism. Think about these five great places: Continue reading “Family vacations: Top five spots to take your kids on vacation” »

Fort Lauderdale attractions

Fort Lauderdale attractions are such that they match your imaginations and dreams of an exciting holiday. I don’t think that there is anything that you ask for and you do not get it here. So, expect for an assortment of Fort Lauderdale attractions that will always seem to pull you every vacation. In this article, you will be introduced to some of the worth visiting highlights here. Continue reading “Fort Lauderdale attractions” »

Key West attractions

Key West in Florida Keys is an island paradise where you just cannot feel as left behind from the point of view of fun and memories. On this small island, no matter where you are, the captivators are very near to you. Key West attractions are meant for all ages, right from the lovely beaches to the historic museums. However, it is good to know about the ideal time to explore these varied Key West attractions. It is actually from November to April as there is lot of sunshine, less rainfall, and no hurricanes. May through October is a total stormy season; so it is better to avoid that. One more important fact to know about this island is that driving will make you spend a lot; so I would recommend renting bicycles, scooters, or above all, go for a bus tour that will cost you $8 per week with unlimited use. Continue reading “Key West attractions” »

St. Petersburg, Florida: A Weekend Getaway

St. Petersburg, Florida, has been called many things. Years ago, it was known as God’s waiting room. Last November, Men’s Health magazine called St. Petersburg the saddest city in the United States. Had the writer paid a visit to the vibrant downtown and the beautiful beaches nearby, he would most certainly have drawn a different conclusion. Continue reading “St. Petersburg, Florida: A Weekend Getaway” »

Cheap Hotels in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida is home to a remarkable mix of attractions. The sheer number of sights, amusement parks, entertainment, shopping, nightlife and other make the city an extremely rewarding destination for one and all, regardless of age group.

There are beaches as well not far in locations such as Miami. The theme parks make it a popular destination mostly with families. There are certainly a number of factors that make the city one of the most fun cities, as well as the most complete destinations. Continue reading “Cheap Hotels in Orlando, Florida” »

Discount hotels in Florida

Florida is one of the really perfect destinations for travelers all over the world. The state has a great number of things to do if you are a tourist here. There are a great number of excellent sights that are related to culture and history. The amusement parks here are world famous, and are visited by travelers from across the globe. Continue reading “Discount hotels in Florida” »

Cheap hotels in Panama City Beach FL

Panama City is the perfect spot to go to if you want a relaxing holiday free of all pressures. The city is filled with a huge number of beaches, and all of them are pristine paradises filled with white sand and crystal clear blue sea. The beaches here play host to a huge number of travelers from all over the United States and abroad. There is no dearth of quality here. Continue reading “Cheap hotels in Panama City Beach FL” »

Hotel reviews: Boardwalk Inn & Suites, Daytona Beach, FL

The Boardwalk Inn and Suites in Daytona Beach Florida is the perfect choice for your accommodations when you want a beach vacation. The hotel is located right in the heart of the city right next to the most famous beach in the world. The spacious rooms are guaranteed to please even the most discerning visitor. You have plenty of room to stretch out and relax. You can choose a standard room with private bath or a suite with ist own kitchen and separate living and dining areas. Each room also included free wireless Internet allowing you to check your mail and keep in touch with home. Enjoy the free Continental breakfast each morning, which is just what you need to start your day off right. Continue reading “Hotel reviews: Boardwalk Inn & Suites, Daytona Beach, FL” »