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Top Three Weird Traditions in Venice

Every city in this world, including Venice, has its own traditions. The simple ones are known by people around the globe while the weird traditions have a small audience, respectively the locals of the city. In the following lines, you’ll read about some of the weirdest traditions in Venice. Continue reading “Top Three Weird Traditions in Venice” »

Tuscany, the Italian Riviera and Other Italian Travel Highlights

Perhaps it’s because I’m of Italian ancestry but this is one of my favorite countries to visit.

In Italy you’ll find timeless hill towns, classic farmhouses surrounded by vineyards or olive trees, ancient walled towns set atop hilltops, cypress trees, a Riviera every bit as beautiful as the French Riviera (I still remember my first trip to Portofino.) Alpine lakes and much more. Then, of course, there is the food and wine which is simply delicious and impossible to resist. Continue reading “Tuscany, the Italian Riviera and Other Italian Travel Highlights” »